PAUL C COOPER,LP, PhD                         
Licensed Psychoanalyst                                                                                                    

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Paul C. Cooper, L.P, PhD:

Licensed & Certified Psychoanalyst

Private office

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Psychotherapy & Counseling
individuals & couples
since 1987

Specializing in Depression,
anxiety, self-esteem,
trauma, and creativity.

Simply said, "choshi" means "rhythm in Japanese."  The traditional meaning is: "The great peace
resulting from the harmony between heaven earth." This is the sense of peace and harmony that
can get lost in our abbreviated, rushed and condensed lives. The very same peace that we all
strive for within ourselves, with work, play and in our relationships and that reflects my
positive "non-pathologizing" approach to well-being that is our birthright and that we can
recapture through the therapeutic process.
Murray Hill
Confidential and comfortable private office
Psychoanalysis, Couples Counseling
Zen based
Deep Attention Psychotherapy
Welcome to, the Internet home of Paul Cooper, Licensed Psychoanalyst.

Specializing in Depression, anxiety, self-esteem, and creativity.