Paul C Cooper, MS, LP
Psychoanalysis, Contemplative Psychotherapy, Counseling            
Individuals, Couples, Families

"Praise for Into the Mountain Stream: Psychotherapy & Buddhist Experience:

"The 12 essays in this volume all contribute rich material to the problem of how to
suffer life as we encounter it.”

“The writers of these essays are on fire…they will be called pushers of boundaries,
troublemakers,and keepers of the gateless gate”                                   
   ~Robert Gunn, Ph.D.  Author: Journeys into Emptiness

"It is a book well worth reading if you want to expand and enrich your knowledge and
experiential sense of what Buddhist inspired psychoanalysts are doing with their patients.
Perhaps most importantly, Cooper and his contributors have given us a sense of how some
analysts struggle to achieve a modicum of autonomy, inner peace, and goodness, using a
Buddhist-inspired psychoanalytic perspective."
 ~Paul Marcus, Ph.D. Author: Ancient Religious Wisdom, Spirituality
       & Psychoanalysis
 ~Psychoanalytic Review

"For the psychologically aware Zen student, this collection of twelve essays, each by a
different author, offers much for reflection. Each writer is a psychotherapist, but more
importantly, most are also professional psychoanalysts...The impressive insights offered
throughout this book arise from each writer’s personal zazen practice combined with
psychoanalytic work with patients... Several important themes are covered in this book,
such as the effects on zazen practice of suppression, obsessionality, idealization, and a
defensive need to be a “good student.”  Those interested in the shared concerns of
Western psychology and Eastern meditative disciplines will find much to admire here."

Paula Kyusei Bakule, MRO ~Zen Mountain Record