Paul C. Cooper, MS, N.C.Psy.A., LP

Upcoming Talks:

Professional Activities:                                                                                   


Intuition, Reverie & Countertransference [MITPP Summer '14']
Transference & Countertransference [IEA Winter '14']
Sel Psychology [HFI Spring '13']
American Object Relations [IEA Winter '13']

Case Seminar [IEA Fall '13']
Psychoanalytic Ethics [MITPP Spring '12']
Freud I; Technique Papers [MITPP Spring '12']
Reading Ferro [NPAP Summer '12']

Reading Ferro [IEA Spring '12']
Advanced Contemporary Psychoanalytic Readings [HFI Fall '11']
Zen & Psychoanalysis [MITPP Summer '11']
The Zen Impulse & the Psychoanalytic Encounter [NPAP Summer '11']
American Object Relations [IEA Spring '11]
Projective Identification [IEA Fall '10' & Winter '10' Udumbara Zen Center]
Psychoanalytic Theory of Neurosis [IEA Fall '09']
Transference & Countertransference {IEA Fall "09']
Bion Reading Group [IEA Fall '08']
Intro to Psychoanalytic Technique II [NPAP Fall '08']
The Zen Impulse in Psychoanalysis [ASP Spring '08']
Buddhism & Psychoanalysis Tutorial [NPAP Spring '08']
Basic Psychoanalytic Concepts [IEA Fall '07']
Psychoanalytic Technique [NPAP Spring ‘00’ –Current]
Resistance Analysis II     [IEA Fall ’05', Winter '06', Winter '09']
Poetics & Countertransference [IEA Fall ‘03’]
Buddhism & Psychoanalysis  [IEA Spring ‘02’]
Countertransference Seminar  [HFI Fall ‘99’ ]
Intro to Theories of Psychoanalysis [HFI Fall ‘00’]
Transference and Resistance [HFI ‘04’]


Necessary Anxiety
With: Sojun Diane Martin
Center for Mindfulness & Psychotherapy, Santa Monica (10/17/09)
Poetics & Countertransference [IFPE 11/4/06]
Living in Truth: The Everyday Challenge
Association for Spirituality & Psychotherapy (3/17/06)
Psychoanalysis & Spirituality
With: Michael Eigen and Beverly Schneider NPAP (11/14/04)
Explorations in Buddhist & Psychoanalytic Phenomenology (3/21/03)
Between Wonder & Doubt: Zen & Psychoanalysis (12/2/02)
Center for Psychological Services, St John’s Univ.
Sense & Non-sense: Spirituality vs. Psychopathology
Center for Spirituality & Psychotherapy (12/2/00)
Buddhist Meditation & Unconscious Processes
IEA (12/12/99)
Psychoanalysis and Spirituality at the Crossroads
NPAP Annette Overby Memorial Conference (11/21/99)
Impermanence, Compassion & Hope
Theodor Reik Consultation Center (3/27/99)
Experiential Dimensions in Buddhism & Psychoanalysis: Clinical Integration
National Institute for the Psychotherapies- CSP (3/27/99)
Theodor Reik Consultation Center (5/16/98)

Papers Presented:                

Nadia's Dream: Blanton Peale Institute, NYC (9/23/09)
Taste the Strawberries: ASP, NYC (5/29/09)
Dreaming Terror, Delight & the Liminal In-Between
IFPE “Encounters and Escapes- Danger and Desire
In the Analytic Connection” Boston (11/08)
Being, Knowing, and the Liminal In-Between: Psychoanalytic & Zen Perspectives
APA Div 39 "Knowing, Not-knowing, Sort of Knowing" Conference NYC (4/10/08)
Oscillations: Performative Dimensions in Zen & Psychoanalysis
AAPDP Spring Meeting, Tempe, Az. (12/8/07)           
Sand in Rice: One Koan Infinite Possibilites
IFPE "The Reach of the Mind" Conference Toronto (10/07)
Oscillations: Reload: Self and No-self in Buddhism & Psychotherapy Conf.
Kyoto, Japan (516-19/06)
Oscillations: Zen & Psychoanalytic Versions
IEA: Scientific Meeting (10/30/06)
Psychoanalysis & Making Love
IFPE  “Ethics, Ethos & Taboos” Conference Chicago (10/04)
Many Paths, One Journey: Psychotherapy & Religion
NPAP Analysts in Print Series (3/21/05)
Oscillations: Zen & Psychoanalytic Versions
Struck by Enlightenment Panel
IFPE “TheTransformational Conversation” Pasadena (11/8/03)
Being Ordinary
NPAP Graduation Keynote Speaker (6/04)
Impermanence: A Zen Perspective on Eros & Thanatos
IEA Seeing in the Dark Conference (5/8/04)
Buddhism & Psychotherapy: Roundtable Discussion
With: Ken Porter, Mark Finn, Jeffrey Rubin & Susan Rudnick
CSP “The Call from Ancient Wisdom” Conference NY (10/27/00)
Between Wonder & Cynicism: The Goal Free Aspects of Psychoanalysis
American Association of Religion, Arlington, VA. (2/26/99)
The Couch & the Tree: Dialogues in Psychoanalysis & Buddhism
With: Mark Finn & Anthony Molino CAFH Foundation, NY 12/5/98)
The Disavowal of the Spirit: Wholeness & Integration in Buddhism &
Psychoanalysis   NPAP (5/7/97)
Affects and Self States: On the Integration of Buddhist Analytic Meditation
And Psychoanalysis NPAP (5/10/96)
Explorations in Buddhist and Psychoanalytic Phenomenology (1/4/96)
Working with Spiritual Issues in Psychotherapy (10/2/94)
CAFH Foundation Psychotherapy & the Spirit Series
Psychoanalysis & Spirituality: Exploring the Relationships
NPAP (4/18/93)