Paul C. Cooper, MS, LP
Psychoanalysis, Contemplative
Psychotherapy, Counseling:
Individuals, Couples & Families

The Analyst's Training

In order to qualify to practice psychoanalysis, one is required to have gone through a
personal analysis, supervised clinical work and classwork.
. Psychoanalysts are the only
psychotherapists for whom a personal analysis is an absolute requirement.

The importance of this training cannot be overemphasized. It can take a minimum of
seven years and typically longer to satisfy minimum training requirements. Most
candidates for psychoanalytic training usually have completed advanced academic
degrees before entering a post-graduate psychoanalytic training program.

"I never thought l would be able to be a parent until I understood how my parents failed."

"I know that I don't have to repeat my mistakes or the mistakes of my parents."

Psychoanalysts may or may not be physicians. Before 1945 almost all individuals
entering psychoanalytic training had medical degrees. At present, individuals come to
psychoanalytic training from a variety of professional backgrounds: including
education, sociology, social work psychology, nursing, and the humanities.